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Tietl: Th Tael of Peeter Rabit

Author: Beatrix Potter

Releess Daet: January 30, 2005 [EBook #14838]

Langgwej: English

Carrakter set encoding: ASCII

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Mrs. Rabbit gives Peter camomile tea

Th Tael OF

Peeter Rabit



Peter Rabbit





Furst publisht 1902
Frederick Warne & Co., 1902
Printing and bound in Graet Britain by William Clowes Limited, Beccles and London



Wunss upon a tiem thaer wer foer litl Rabits, and thaer naems wer—

and Peeter.

Rabbit family home

Thae livd with thaer Muther in a sand-bank, underneeth th root of a verry big fur-tree.

Mother gives a warning

'Now mi dears,' sed oeld Mrs. Rabit wun morning, 'U mae go into th feelds or doun th laen, but don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden: yuur Faather had an accident thaer; he wuz put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor.'

Be good little bunnies

'Now run along, and don't get into mischif. I am going out.'

Mrs. Rabbit goes shopping

Then oeld Mrs. Rabit tuuk a basket and her umbrela, and went thru th wuud to th baeker's. She bought a loef of broun bred and fiev curant buns.

Bunnies picking berries

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Coton-tael, hoo wer guud litl bunnies, went doun th laen to gather blakberrys:

Bad boy Peter

But Peeter, hoo wuz verry nauty, ran straet away to Mr. McGregor's garden, and sqeezd under th gaet!

Peter pigs out

Furst he aet sum letises and sum French beens; and then he aet sum radishes;

Peter ate too much

And then, feeling rather sik, he went to luuk for sum parsly.

Peter is discovered

But round th end of a cuecumber fraem, hoom should he meet but Mr. McGregor!

McGregor chases Peter

Mr. McGregor wuz on his hands and nees planting out yung cabbages, but he jumpt up and ran after Peeter, waeving a raek and calling out, 'Stop theef!'

Peter loses his shoes

Peeter wuz moest dredfuly frietend; he rusht all oever th garden, for he had forgoten th wae bak to th gaet.

He lost wun of his shoos amung th cabbages, and th uther shoo amungs th potaetoes.

Peter is caught in a net

After loozing them, he ran on foer legs and went faster, so that I think he miet hav got away aultogether if he had not unforchunatly run into a goosberry net, and got caut by th larj butons on his jaket. It wuz a bloo jaket with bras butons, qiet nue.

Sparrows offer advice

Peeter gaev himself up for lost, and shed big teers; but his sobs wer oeverhurd by sum frendly sparroes, hoo floo to him in graet exsietment, and implord him to exert himself.

Peter escapes McGregor

Mr. McGregor caem up with a sieve, which he intended to pop upon th top of Peeter; but Peeter rigld out just in tiem, leeving his jaket behind him.

Peter chooses a wet place to hide

And rusht into th tool-shed, and jumpt into a can. It wuud hav been a buetiful thing to hied in, if it had not had so much wauter in it.


Mr. McGregor wuz qiet shuur that Peeter wuz sumwhaer in th tool-shed, perhaps hiden underneeth a flower-pot. He began to turn them oever carefully, luuking under eech.

Prezently Peeter sneezd—'Kertyschoo!' Mr. McGregor wuz after him in no tiem.

Peter tips over pots

And tried to put his fuut upon Peeter, hoo jumpt out of a windo, upseting three plants. Th windo wuz too small for Mr. McGregor, and he wuz tierd of runing after Peeter. He went bak to his wurk.

Peter looks around for the exit

Peeter sat doun to rest; he wuz out of breth and trembling with friet, and he had not th leest iedeea which wae to go. Aulso he wuz verry damp with sitting in that can.

After a tiem he began to waander about, going lippity—lippity—not verry fast, and luuking all round.

Peter asks the mouse

He found a dor in a waul; but it wuz locked, and thaer wuz no room for a fat litl rabit to sqeez underneeth.

An oeld mous wuz runing in and out oever th stoen dorstep, carrying pees and beens to her family in th wuud. Peeter askt her th wae to th gaet, but she had such a larj pea in her mouth that she cuud not anser. She oenly shuuk her hed at him. Peeter began to cri.

Peter encounters a cat

Then he tried to fiend his wae straet acros th garden, but he becaem mor and mor puzzled. Prezently, he caem to a pond whaer Mr. McGregor fild his wauter-cans. A whiet cat wuz staering at sum goeld-fish, she sat verry, verry still, but now and then th tip of her tael twitched as if it wer aliev. Peeter thaut it best to go away without speeking to her; he had hurd about cats from his cuzin, litl Benjamin Bunny.

Peter finds a vantage point

He went bak tords' th tool-shed, but sudenly, qiet cloez to him, he hurd th noiz of a hoe—scr-r-ritch, scrach, scrach, scritch. Peeter scuttered underneeth th bushes. But prezently, as nuthing happened, he caem out, and cliemd upon a wheelbarro and peept oever. Th furst thing he saw wuz Mr. McGregor hoeing unyons. His bak wuz turnd tords' Peeter, and beyond him wuz th gaet!

Peter dashes for the gate

Peeter got doun verry qieetly off th wheelbarro; and started runing as fast as he cuud go, along a straet wauk behind sum blak-curant bushes.

Mr. McGregor caut siet of him at th corner, but Peeter did not caer. He slipt underneeth th gaet, and wuz saef at last in th wuud outsied th garden.

Scare-crow of rabbit clothes

Mr. McGregor hung up th litl jaket and th shoos for a scaer-cro to frieten th blakburds.

Peeter never stopt runing or luukt behind him till he got hoem to th big fur-tree.

Peter is back home

He wuz so tierd that he flopt doun upon th niess soft sand on th flor of th rabit-hoel and shut his ies. His muther wuz busy cuuking; she wunderd whut he had dun with his cloeths. It wuz th second litl jaket and paer of shoos that Peeter had lost in a fortniet!

Petered out

I am sorry to sae that Peeter wuz not verry wel duuring th evening.

His muther put him to bed, and maed sum camomile tee; and she gaev a doess of it to Peeter!

'Wun taebl-spoonful to be taeken at bed-tiem.'

Eating the berries they picked

But Flopsy, Mopsy, and Coton-tael had bred and milk and blakberrys for super.


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- U comply with all uther turms of this agreement for free
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1.E.9.  If U wish to charj a fee or distribute a Projekt Gutenberg-tm
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1.F.1.  Projekt Gutenberg volunteers and employees expend considerabl
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public doemaen wurks in creaeting th Projekt Gutenberg-tm
colekshon.  Despiet thees eforts, Projekt Gutenberg-tm elektronik
wurks, and th meedium on which thae mae be stord, mae contain
"Defekts," such as, but not limited to, incompleet, inacuerat or
corupt daeta, transcripshon errors, a copyriet or uther intelekchual
property infrinjment, a defektiv or damejd disk or uther meedium, a
compueter vierus, or compueter coeds that damej or cannot be red by
yuur eqipment.

1.F.2.  LIMITED Woranty, Disclaemer OF Damejes - Exsept for th "Riet
of Replaesment or Reefund" descriebd in parragraf 1.F.3, th Projekt
Gutenberg Literaery Archive Foundaeshon, th oener of th Projekt
Gutenberg-tm trademark, and any uther party distributing a Projekt
Gutenberg-tm elektronik wurk under this agreement, disclaem all
lieability to U for damejes, costs and expenses, inclooding leegal
fees.  U AGREE THAT U Hav NO Remedys FOR Neglijenss, Strikt
Lieability, BREACH OF Woranty OR BREACH OF Contrakt Exsept Thoes
PROVIDED IN Parragraf F3.  U AGREE THAT Th Foundaeshon, Th
Lieabl TO U FOR Akchual, Direkt, Indirekt, CONSEQUENTIAL, Puenitiv OR
INCIDENTAL Damejes Eeven IF U Giv Noetis OF Th Posibility OF SUCH

1.F.3.  LIMITED Riet OF Replaesment OR Reefund - If U discuver a
defekt in this elektronik wurk within 90 daes of reseeving it, U can
reseev a reefund of th muny (if any) U paed for it by sending a
riten explanaeshon to th purson U reseevd th wurk from.  If U
reseevd th wurk on a physical meedium, U must return th meedium with
yuur riten explanaeshon.  Th purson or entity that provided U with
th defektiv wurk mae elekt to provide a replaesment copy in loo of a
reefund.  If U reseevd th wurk elektronikaly, th purson or entity
providing it to U mae chooz to giv U a second oportuenity to
reseev th wurk elektronikaly in loo of a reefund.  If th second copy
is aulso defektiv, U mae demand a reefund in rieting without further
oportuenitys to fix th problem.

1.F.4.  Exsept for th limited riet of replaesment or reefund set forth
in parragraf 1.F.3, this wurk is provided to U 'AS-IS' WITH NO Uther
Worantys OF ANY Kiend, Expres OR IMPLIED, Inclooding BUT NOT LIMITED TO

1.F.5.  Sum staets do not alow disclaemers of surten implied
worantys or th excloozhon or limitaeshon of surten tieps of damejes.
If any disclaemer or limitaeshon set forth in this agreement vieolaets th
law of th staet aplicabl to this agreement, th agreement shal be
inturpreted to maek th maxsimum disclaemer or limitaeshon permited by
th aplicabl staet law.  Th invalidity or unenforceability of any
provision of this agreement shal not void th remaening provisions.

1.F.6.  INDEMNITY - U agree to indemifi and hoeld th Foundaeshon, th
trademark oener, any agent or employee of th Foundaeshon, anyone
providing copys of Projekt Gutenberg-tm elektronik wurks in accordance
with this agreement, and any volunteers asoeshiaeted with th produkshon,
promoeshon and distribution of Projekt Gutenberg-tm elektronik wurks,
harmles from all lieability, costs and expenses, inclooding leegal fees,
that ariez direktly or indirektly from any of th foloeing which U do
or cauz to ocur: (a) distribution of this or any Projekt Gutenberg-tm
wurk, (b) aulteraeshon, modificaeshon, or additions or deleeshons to any
Projekt Gutenberg-tm wurk, and (c) any Defekt U cauz.

Sekshon  2.  Informaeshon about th Mishon of Projekt Gutenberg-tm

Projekt Gutenberg-tm is synonymous with th free distribution of
elektronik wurks in formats reedabl by th wiedest varieety of compueters
inclooding obsoleet, oeld, midl-aejd and nue compueters.  It exists
because of th eforts of hundreds of volunteers and doenaeshons from
peepl in all wauks of lief.

Volunteers and fienanshal suport to provide volunteers with th
asistanss thae need, is critikal to reeching Projekt Gutenberg-tm's
goels and ensuring that th Projekt Gutenberg-tm colekshon wil
remaen freely available for jeneraeshons to cum.  In 2001, th Projekt
Gutenberg Literaery Archive Foundaeshon wuz creaeted to provide a secuer
and purmanent fuecher for Projekt Gutenberg-tm and fuecher jeneraeshons.
To lurn mor about th Projekt Gutenberg Literaery Archive Foundaeshon
and how yuur eforts and doenaeshons can help, see Sekshons 3 and 4
and th Foundaeshon web paej at

Sekshon 3.  Informaeshon about th Projekt Gutenberg Literaery Archive

Th Projekt Gutenberg Literaery Archive Foundaeshon is a non profit
501(c)(3) ejucaeshonal corporaeshon organiezd under th laws of th
staet of Mississippi and granted tax exempt status by th Inturnal
Revenue Survis.  Th Foundaeshon's EIN or federal tax iedentificaeshon
number is 64-6221541.  Its 501(c)(3) leter is poested at  Contributions to th Projekt Gutenberg
Literaery Archive Foundaeshon ar tax deductible to th fuul extent
permited by U.S. federal laws and yuur staet's laws.

Th Foundaeshon's prinsipal ofis is loecaeted at 4557 Melan Dr. S.
Fairbanks, AK, 99712., but its volunteers and employees ar scaterd
thru-out nuemerus loecaeshons.  Its business ofis is loecaeted at
809 North 1500 West, Sault Laek Sity, UT 84116, (801) 596-1887, email  Email contact links and up to daet contact
informaeshon can be found at th Foundaeshon's web siet and ofishal
paej at

For adishonal contact informaeshon:
     Dr. Gregory B. Newby
     Cheef Executive and Direktor

Sekshon 4.  Informaeshon about Doenaeshons to th Projekt Gutenberg
Literaery Archive Foundaeshon

Projekt Gutenberg-tm depends upon and cannot serviev without wied
spred public suport and doenaeshons to carry out its mishon of
increesing th number of public doemaen and liesenst wurks that can be
freely distributed in masheen reedabl form accessible by th wiedest
arae of eqipment inclooding outdaeted eqipment.  Meny small doenaeshons
($1 to $5,000) ar particularly important to maentaering tax exempt
status with th IRS.

Th Foundaeshon is comited to complying with th laws reguelaeting
charritys and charritabl doenaeshons in all 50 staets of th Uenieted
Staets.  Compliance reqierments ar not ueniform and it taeks a
considerabl efort, much paperwork and meny fees to meet and keep up
with thees reqierments.  We do not solisit doenaeshons in loecaeshons
whaer we hav not reseevd riten confermaeshon of compliance.  To
SEND Doenaeshons or deturmin th status of compliance for any
particular staet vizit

Whiel we cannot and do not solisit contributions from staets whaer we
hav not met th solisitaeshon reqierments, we noe of no prohibition
against accepting unsolicited doenaeshons from doenors in such staets hoo
approach us with ofers to doenaet.

Internashonal doenaeshons ar graetfuly accepted, but we cannot maek
any statements concerning tax treatment of doenaeshons reseevd from
outsied th Uenieted Staets.  U.S. laws aloen swamp our small staf.

Pleez chek th Projekt Gutenberg Web paejes for curent doenaeshon
methods and adreses.  Doenaeshons ar accepted in a number of uther
waes inclooding inclooding cheks, onlien paements and credit card
doenaeshons.  To doenaet, pleez vizit:

Sekshon 5.  Jeneral Informaeshon About Projekt Gutenberg-tm elektronik

Professor Michael S. Hart wuz th orijinaetor of th Projekt Gutenberg-tm
consept of a liebraery of elektronik wurks that cuud be freely shaerd
with anyone.  For thurty yeers, he produced and distributed Projekt
Gutenberg-tm eBooks with oenly a looss netwurk of volunteer suport.

Projekt Gutenberg-tm eBooks ar ofen creaeted from several printing
edishons, all of which ar confurmd as Public Doemaen in th U.S.
unles a copyriet noetis is inclooded.  Thus, we do not nesesaerily
keep eBooks in compliance with any particular paeper edishon.

Moest peepl start at our Web siet which has th maen PG surch facility:

This Web siet incloods informaeshon about Projekt Gutenberg-tm,
inclooding how to maek doenaeshons to th Projekt Gutenberg Literaery
Archive Foundaeshon, how to help produce our nue eBooks, and how to
subscribe to our email nuezleter to heer about nue eBooks.