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The American Literacy Council is a non-profit organization created by scholars in 1876 to provide rural educators with literacy tools and methods appropriate for schools at that time. Their focus included considerable linguistic research related to the study of illogical spelling standards that underlie standard English spelling. Major names and organizations supported their efforts including Andrew Carnegie, Melvin Dewey, many book authors, and newspaper editors of that time period. The organization continued, evolving to be renamed "The American Literacy Council."


ALC Board

  • Mark Petersen, President, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • Robert J. McGehee, Vice President, Czech Republic
  • Jim Campbell, Treasurer/Sectretary, Dearborn, Michigan
  • Chuk Kleber, Board Member, The Texas Hill Country
  • Joe Little, Board Member, New York
  • Angela Stangarone, Board Member, New York
  • Ed Rondthaler, President Emeritus, deceased September, 2009
  • Alan Mole, President Emeritus, deceased October 2021