SoundSpel is based on simple rules

  • Short vowels are a single letter, as in: sat, set, did, dot, cut

  • Long vowels are followed immediately by an e, as in: sundae, see, die, toe, cue

  • No silent letters

  • Most double letters are removed

  • Consonants such as f, s, j have a consistent, single sound and spelling

In SoundSpel, words are spelled as they sound.

  • hat, have, laugh, plaid
    → hat, hav, laf, plad

  • red, head, said, friend
    → red, hed, sed, frend

  • herd, earth, birth, journey
    → hurd, urth, burth, jurny

  • roll, hole, soul, goal, bowl
    → roel, hoel, soel, goel, boel

  • tough, love, judge, tongue
    → tuf, luv, juj, tung

  • phone, city, gorgeous
    → foen, sity, gorjus

  • knight, receipt, asthma
    → niet, reseet, azma

Gettysburg Address in SoundSpel

Foerscor and seven yeers ago our faathers braut forth, on this continent, a nue naeshon, conseevd in liberty and dedicaeted to th propozishon that all men ar creaeted eeqal.

Now we ar engaejd in a graet sivil wor, testing whether that naeshon, or eny naeshon so conseevd, and so dedicaeted, can long enduur. We ar met on a graet batl-feeld in that wor. We hav cum to dedicaet a porshon of that feeld, as a fienal resting-plaess for thoes hoo heer gaev thaer lievs, that that naeshon miet liv. It is aultogether fiting and proper that we shuud do this.

But in a larjer senss we cannot dedicaet, we cannot consecraet, we cannot halo this ground. Th braev men, living and ded, hoo strugld heer, hav consecraeted it far abuv our puur power to ad or detrakt. Th wurld wil litl noet, nor long remember, whot we say heer, but it can never forget whot thae did heer. It is for us th living, rather, to be dedicaeted to th graet task remaening befor us that from thees onord ded we taek increest devoeshon to that cauz for which thae gaev th last fuul mezher of devoeshon - that we heer hiely rezolv that thees ded shal not hav died in vaen, that this naeshon, under God, shal hav a nue burth of freedom, and that guvernment of th peepl, bi th peepl, for th peepl, shal not perrish frum th urth.

SoundSpel is fully documented with a dictionary and detailed explanations in the Dictionary of Simplified American Spelling by Edward Rondthaler and Edward J. Lias. Here is an example, with SoundSpel (American Spelling) on the right of each column: